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J80 Service

Fully equipped J80 Service for the 2010 race season!

Congrats to Les Beckwith

Congrats to Les Beckwith with an impressive 2nd place win in the 2011 J80 North American race. His boat was made race ready by us and from day one he has been very pleased with the proformance of the boat. LWSA has given White mountain Fiberglass great support. Thanks to all.

J80 Faired to CAD Specs

This boat had its keel foils faired to the CAD cut templates and the bottom was totally done to race specs.Mr. Beckwith has been very competive with the boat after the work was done.

J80 Repairs

We are setup to handle all J80 servicing from minor repairs to full upgrades. Being located in New Hampshire we have no sales tax on labor and materials and this helps your repair dollar go further. We will also provide transportation services in New England to help make the repair process as pain free as possible. Our shop is setup with all the state of the art equiptment so we can deliver quality work to your tight schedule.

J80 Fine Tune
We faired the keel and rudder to the race templates and applied racing antifouling and wetsanded the bottom to a 600gt. surface.The owner is a serious racer and was pleased with the quality of the job. White mountain fiberglass can handle any sailboat repairs and fine tuning.

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