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Palmer Scott Restoration
This project was up there with my favorites.The boat is a vintage Palmer Scott that has been in a family for years and in need of a full restoration.We replaced all the deck and floors, new bulkhead and rubrail and resurfaced the entire boat.The most rewarding feeling is when you deliver a project like this and see the joy in the customer that makes the job special!

26' Formula
This 26' Formula came in from Maine with the bottom covered in gel coat blisters.We stripped off the gelcoat and made sure the laminate was dry and then faired and recoated the bottom with epoxy barrier coatings and a epoxy/Teflon top coat for a protected bottom that repels growth.

Ski Nautique
The owner of this Ski Nautique purchased the boat last fall and wanted it to look new again.We repaired all the stress cracks and voids and regelcoated the boat back to spec.The boat came out great and the owner is enjoying the boat with his family this summer.

Chris Craft
This Chris Craft launch broke free in a storm and ran aground.We had to repair extensive bottom and hullside damage and when we were finished the bottom looked new and the awlgrip on the hullsides was gleaming.The boat is ready for the 2012 season.We can handle all your repair and refinishing needs.

Sea Ray 185
This Searay went aground during a storm and was totalled by the insurance company. The owner loved the boat and asked if we could get it back to shape and we did. The boat looks great and has many more years of enjoyment left in the boat. That makes my job fun to be able to restore a boat back the way it was.

Century Coronado
The owner of this Century Coronado inspected a restoration we did on a Century Resorter and wanted the same quality in the end product on his boat. The gelcoat finish was renewed and the boat looked like it just left the factory.

Our customer had this boat in the family since buying it new in 1993 and it ended up on the rocks and was totaled.The boat ment alot to them so we proceded to due a full repair on the exterior of the boat.when we completed the job it looked showroom new.

Better Than New
Restructured Keel
Collision Repair Collision Repair
This project came in due to the boat hitting a rock.We restructured the keel and the transom and made the boat better than new.The owner was pleased with the project.

Showroom New
Fully restored hull.
Before. Before
Hull Restoration in progress. Hull Restoration in progress.
This project was alot of fun. The customer has owned the boat for quite some time and looked at a replacment but decided to restore this hull because of its history.We had to totally gut the boat and rebuild the structure. After that phase was completed we stripped off all the failing paint and repaired all the stress cracks and delamination.The end result was the owner has the boat he loves, looking like it just came out of the showroom.

Cabin Rebuild
J80 Fine Tune
J80 Before J80 Before
Race Tuned J80
We faired the keel and rudder to the race templates and applied racing antifouling and wetsanded the bottom to a 600gt. surface.The owner is a serious racer and was pleased with the quality of the job. White mountain fiberglass can handle any sailboat repairs and finetuning.

Fontana Transom Repair
Before, fiberglass and wood transom repair. Before, fiberglass and wood transom repair.
Before, fiberglass and wood transom repair. After, fiberglass and wood transom repair.
After, fiberglass and wood transom repair.
This boat came in with a severly rotted transom due to the construction of the hull and the radical curve to the transom this was a challange to repair. The most important part of the repair is to not let water migrate into the new core.We take care of this problem by making all the thru bolt locations and the transom drains out of solid fiberglass so water cannot migrate in.The transom came out great and the owner was pleased.

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